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Let’s Get Busy

I have been spending time over the last few weeks going round the different blog pages to see what everyone is getting up to. I can’t believe how many exciting and interesting things are happening every day and every week in our school.

Kids-Reading-JPG-OwnI absolutely love seeing the faces of the children who read regularly – often the same faces week after week – but then suddenly new faces appear and they look so proud of themselves. I was talking to Thomas in 3D this week and he was absolutely bursting to tell me that last week he had read five times in the week, he first time he had ever done this! I have never seen anyone so thrilled and delighted at what he had achieved and I am so proud and so happy for him. If you see him, perhaps you could tell him how well he has done? I know he would be thrilled.

One other thing I have noticed has worried me a little though. The teachers are working so hard to put interesting posts on each page telling the world what has been happening in our classrooms but then I look for the comments and responses from everyone else and so many comment_edittimes there are none. What a shame. I know that people read the blog and enjoying looking at the posts but we have forgotten how important it is to comment, or perhaps even to post ourselves.

Last year it was so exciting to see how many people put blog posts on regularly and we need to get back to that.

So here’s the CHALLENGE!! Which class will achieve it?

  • EVERY child in the class to comment over the course of the week
  • Blog posts from children as well as adults
  • Comments on every class page by every member of staff(!)

Do you think we can do it? There’s a special treat available to the classes that achieve it so go on ….. get blogging!!!!