phonicsIt is that time of year again. Time for Year 1 children to do their phonics tests. I’m not really sure about lots and lots of tests but I would have to say that I have been very proud of our children over the last two days. They approach the test with such a positive attitude and seem to really relish the challenge.

Even better is the fact that they have been AMAZING! They really do know a lot about words and phonics and we look like having outstanding results for the second year in succession.

Well done, Year 1!


7 thoughts on “Phonics

  1. MissCadman

    Keiwan – That is so kind of you.

    Paige – Thank you for that message.

    Jake – We do phonics everyday so we are fantastic at reading and writing different words.

  2. Chloe

    I remember when we did phonics test and considering the time I had I wish the best luck to them all. They’ll need it!

  3. Miss Exley

    Well done to all the children in Year 1, you all worked so hard during your phonics lessons and deserve your super results!

  4. Rosie and Chelsea

    Well done year one for taking part in Phoenix and sounds like you had so much fun and when you grow up Into year six you will be amazing!!!!!!!!!!


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