Anti-Bullying Week


Anti-bullying week has come round again and so many interesting and thought provoking lessons have already taken place in our school.

Many children from Key Stage 2 were talking at lunch time about the film that they watched this morning about cyber bullying and I could tell that they had taken the messages very seriously and were really thinking about how to stay safe on the internet which I am delighted about.

Year 6 watched a new film on the same subject this afternoon followed by a fascinating discussion which again showed great maturity and thought.

I would love to know your thoughts and feelings about some of the issues raised by your learning over the course of the week. Please comment and tell me what you have learned, how it has made you feel, how your thinking has changed or just your general thoughts around bullying issues.

11 thoughts on “Anti-Bullying Week

  1. Ashton, Eden and Chloe

    We all really enjoyed making clay models for bullying. Eden was the victim, Ashton, who is Eden’s learning partner, was her bully. Chloe was also the victim. She was originally the bystander(A person who witnesses the bullying) But changed her mind.

  2. Wilson and Adam and Carlos

    Anti-bulling is wrong to the moon and back.
    Anti-bullying is bad for the victim.
    Anti-bulling is wrong and bad , so you should never bully because it will change the victims let.

  3. hollie g, ellie f and amy e

    Now we know how to be safe on the internet. Also to be beware when we are by ourselves. Don’t leave the door wide open because a stranger could come in and kidnap you. Anyone can find any thing about you on the internet.

  4. Alan and Chelsea

    Alan-Anti-bullying week was amazing!I learned lots of things including that you should always keep a copy of the abusive message if cyber bullied
    Chelsea-Anti-bullying week was fabulous! Another thing we have learnt about is cyber bullying, physical bullying and emotional bullying

  5. Chestnut class

    We have really enjoyed anti-bullying week. We have learnt how to stay safe on the internet making sure we don’t give out personal information about ourselves. We really, really enjoyed using the clay with you to make figures showing different body language from the victim, the bully and the bystander. We are very proud of the figures we made.

  6. Maddie and Owen A

    This week in Yew Class we have been doing some role play about a girl called Pauline. She was being bullied emotionally and physically. We have also done some lessons on cyber-bullying. The clip of footage was all about cyber-bulling. It can only be online or on a phone to be called cyber-bullying. Here is how to stop cyber-bullying.
    First, you need to make sure it is cyber-bullying and not a fall out with your friend.
    After that, print it and save it for evidence or proof.
    Then, show an adult /carer because it might make you feel better and then can help.
    You must never reply to that bully!
    Finally, report the comments/pictures[most websites allow you to do this].


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