What have I started?!


Well, I set the challenge and you responded!!

What a fantastic blogging week we had last week. It was a crazy flurry of activity and I am so happy. Two classes succeeded with my challenge and now get rewards for all their hard work. Those classes are 6E and 3D so now is the fun part where you let me know what you would like as your reward. All suggestions on this blog post please. Let’s have some fun before we break up shall we?

What about the rest of you? How did you get on? The challenge is still there so keep on trying as hard as you can and the rewards will keep flowing.

Oh, by the way, some of the staff completed the challenge too, did you know that? A big cheer for Mrs. Eccles, Mrs. Copeland and Mrs. Krzyzewska – you are brilliant bloggers!!

What reward should the staff get? I am sure you have some great ideas!!


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